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Wild Maine Photography


"Bringing Maine Wildlife to Your Life!"

About Wild Maine Photography

   Wild Maine Photography is ready to introduce eagles, moose, bears, loons, songbirds and much more from the Maine outdoors to your home.  Since 1999, we have devoted our time and energy to filming the diverse and beautiful wildlife of the Great State of Maine. And after countless hours in blinds, thousands of miles on back roads, many early mornings boating on our State's numerous lakes and rivers, and even filming from an airplane at 1000 feet above the ground, we feel confident that we have something everyone will enjoy!

     We offer a wide variety of products, including prints, canvases, photo books and greeting cards that represent a large selection of the flora and fauna found in Maine. In addition, the photographer/author, Roger L. Stevens, Jr., would be happy to speak at your school, organization, or other location for a reasonable fee. We are ALSO very excited to announce plans for guided photo excursions so you can view our favorite subjects "up close and personal" (while respecting their privacy)!

     Our clear, colorful images of the inhabitants of Maine's forests, wet-lands and rocky coast will enhance your natural decor, create a Maine-themed room, or be a custom gift for someone special. If you don't see a subject on this website, please contact us to see if we have it-if not, we’ll go out in the woods and waters to look for it! Thank you for your interest in our passion.



Wild Maine Photography

P.O. Box 398

Lincoln, Maine 04457

Tel: 1-877-794-1928

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