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Books from Wild Maine Photography

     In April of 2014, I was privileged to observe and film a family of foxes living under an abandoned shed in my hometown of Lincoln, Maine.  Amused by the antics of the baby fox kits in my photos, my wife encouraged me to write a book. This became my first book,"What Do Baby Foxes Do?" With help from the staff at J.S. McCarthy Printers in Augusta, Maine, who also create my cards, I designed the layout, and this high-quality soft cover book was put to print at their factory. This was the first of eight books I have published with this excellent Maine-based company, and I am happy to be in the process of writing more books sharing the wildlife and way of life that we enjoy here in Maine. Please contact us for wholesale orders.



    "What Do Baby Foxes Do" is a fun and informative book filled with over 50 photographs of baby foxes just being baby foxes! A great choice for early readers, this 11"x14" book has simple, predictable rhyming words and is filled with fun fox facts that are interesting to older readers as well. 


    "June the Loon" follows the lives of a loon family in northern Maine starting with the parents' arrival at ice-out in the lake through the summer of raising their little loon chick. Filled with dozens of photographs taken by the author, this is a great non-fiction narrative book to have at camp, in a classroom, or in the home of someone who loves loons!


    "Maine Moose on the Loose" is a whimsical tribute to the rhyming style of Dr. Seuss, whose books were loved as a child by the author. Coupled with almost 50 photographs honoring New England's largest land mammal, this book is guaranteed to be enjoyed by young and old alike!


    "Babes in the Woods and Waters" is a book filled with important facts as well as delightful photographs of nine baby animals that you might encounter while in the woods or near the waters of New England. Complete with outlines of the tracks of all the animals, this book is great for the budding naturalist in YOUR family!


    "Barnyard Babies" is chock-filled with photos of the cutest baby animals growing up on small family farms in Maine. Very popular with younger readers, and those readers who are still young at heart!


    "A Day at the Fair" is a delightful walk through a typical New England country fair, filled with photographs of show animals, prize-winning vegetables, flowers and handiwork, and the food, fun and fireworks that make a most enjoyable way to spend the day with family and friends!


    "Why Love a Puffin?" features photographs of Maine's most iconic seabird. Filmed entirely on location at Machias Seal Island, this puffin population has rebounded from near-extinction in the early 1900's to over 4,000 nesting pair in recent years. Puffin lovers all over the world will enjoy the sweet images and amusing verses about these colorful clown-like birds!


    "Mama Gray Saves the Day!" is based on a series of photos taken by Roger Stevens, Jr. and shared all around the world via the Internet in March of 2019. ( Just search "squirrel/eagle" and see what comes up!) A mother squirrel protected her babies by harassing a mature bald eagle bent on a snack, until it finally gave up. Basing his story on the actions that unfolded that morning, this fictional book is a tale of baby animals and their parents living in the forest, alongside a VERY brave mother squirrel!

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